The year's top 10

Broløkke ranked No. 3 Heritage Board. Read more at KUAS hjemmeside.


A live mansion - for all

When the manor is completed in 2016, it will be the only Danish manor house which offers guests full access.

Manor Broløkke has always been synonymous with quality and elegance. It is a tradition we respect because we know that everyone can relate to good quality and that everyone can appreciate it.

Broløkke is founded as a philanthropic regional development project. It is to create life and egergy in the local area - witch we believe it has to happen in a way, so guests and visitors receive value for their money.

We hope the outcome is in line with our ambitions and aspirations. We certainly anticipate that your visit will be of value for you, and that the experiences are rewarding. If not please let us know. Criticism is a gift which gives us the opportunity to change things that we may not have even thought of.

Best regards

Pernille and Nils Palmqvist

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